Come on in!
So we are 99.6% done. 6 months of inconvenience and delays. Which has taught me a lot of empathy for my projects. While I have been planning this project for 5 years, even my best intended plans weren't always right. We had to redirect, think fast, and sometimes just go with it. I was introduced to a range of materials and products and have become a near expert on kitchen layout! 

These all wood 1949 cabinets were all the rage. In 1949. Who knew they weren't originally yellow, but that was some later attempt to modernize??
Chalkboard wall went up when the original floral wallpaper came down. Wall was in rough shape - the chalk helped mask that.
Note our totally useless floating pantry.
Surprise! One of the many wallpapers we discovered. This one lined the insides of said useless pantry !
And the after...
Pantries galore!
Not sure if the marble backsplash or the faucet or the size of the sink is my favorite. But I love doing dishes now!
We enlarged the entry to the dining room AND I got to keep a chalkboard wall
Open work space, open flow to the rest of the rest of the house - And more pantries!
SO at the end of the day... We went from dark, cramped, outdated and illogically planned. We managed to double our space by knocking down walls, taking over useless hallways, and enlarge door openings. We created an almost perfectly square, modern, sun-filled hub of the house. I am just absolutely thrilled with the end result. It is so easy to cook and entertain and in retrospect, I'd even go through the process again. Just don't tell Matt.
Contractor: Arts Meet Craft www.artmeetscraft.com
Cabinets: Starmark
Tile: Passeri Tile
Appliances: Jenn Air + Sharp Microwave Drawer
Lighting: Restoration Hardware
Stools: Ballard Design


Jen Reiseman-Briscoe
05/07/2013 11:08am

09/15/2014 7:39pm

It just buggers me when certain people constantly say, 'what's wrong?'

09/19/2014 4:35am

I would not use a neti pot if I had well water, but I would think our tap water would be safe to

09/27/2014 7:21am

And was this then a subjective reminiscence? Or did they ask the people at the time? And were the people influenced by the questioners?

10/09/2014 6:28am

I can understand that the emotions given might not have always been what it seemed was actually being expressed but then there was process of elimination.

11/13/2014 3:42pm

I wonder if my score would have been different if there were fewer "white" faces in the pictures? Or if the women were sexually unattractive?

10/25/2013 8:25pm

It looks fantastic! where did you get those barstools?

10/25/2013 10:34pm

Hi Joyce- Thanks- Barstools are the Rutland Barstools from Ballard Design.

10/28/2013 5:02pm

Hello Lara, Congratulations for your very beautiful new kitchen!
It's so complete and has lots of details.
Would you mind to share who made the design of all of it?
Thanks a lot!

12/16/2014 6:13am

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02/02/2015 12:23pm

Your article is very nice and can provide inspiration to readers.

03/04/2015 7:55am

I love the changes you have brought in your kitchen as it looks like a boom out change. The decision of keeping the chalk wall is appreciable because this looks so homey to me. In this way the entry to dining rooms also got bigger.


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